You are Talking to the Wrong Brain!

Introduction to Neuro Marketing

Please repeat this sentence many times:
‘People say what they think! But they do and buy what they feel!

What is Neuro Marketing?

Neuro Marketing is explaining how our brain really works and more importantly how we make decisions. Understanding this is very important today in marketing because you can avoid big mistakes.

Neuro Marketing?

  • Do I need to go into a scanner?
  • Do my clients need to go in a medical scanner?
  • Omg, This sounds really difficult!
MRI Brain Scanner

You can also use Neuro Marketing

Only very big companies can afford to do neuro marketing with scanners. But what about me as a small company? As a small company, you can also use knowledge about neuro marketing. You just need to know that the reptilian brain seems to dominate when it comes to making decisions.

EEG Brain Scan

Neuro Marketing shows us that we can look for the Buy-Button!

Neuro Marketing shows us, wherein the brain this transaction really starts.

Where is the Buy Button in your brain

What is the origin or neuromarketing

Professor Dr Ir. Ale Smidts is since many years active with research regarding Neuro Economics, marketing and more.

Professor Dr. Ir. Ale Smidts

Professor Dr. Ir. Ale Smidts

Professor Smidts is director of RSM’s Erasmus Center for Neuroeconomics. He is the former scientific director, and was a board member of the Social Science and Humanities Division of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. Since 2015 he is a member of the Advisory Board of the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (NMSBA).
Professor Smidts current research focus is decision neuroscience and neuromarketing, including the neural processes underlying consumer decision making and social influence. 

NeuroMarketing is not so Difficult!

Rubikus Neuro Marketing is not so Difficult

Actually it is very simple! We take most of our decisions with our reptilian brain. Now we only need to understand how the reptilian brain works. The human brain itself is a collection of 3 brains and the reptilian brain is the oldest one. The reptilian brain is for basic needs as survive, blood circulation, fight, instinct, etc… the middle brain is where the emotions are, the new brain, the neocortex is the latest brain in our development and we use this to rationalize.

All data shows that we still make decisions with the reptilian brain. To trigger the reptilian brain, we need to understand what the triggers are.

We take decision with emotions, instinct, trust, actually, the reptilian brain is an organic, chemical algorithm, with a long history in evolution in mankind.

Other names to describe the brain:

  • Thinking Brain,
  • Feeling Brain,
  • Instinct Brain.

By the way, the new brains can not handle too much: not more than 3 things at the same time. So, to sell something we need to come close to the emotional / feeling brain and reptilian brain.

The 3 Brains

Your Old & New Brain Compared…

Old BrainNew Brain
500 Million Years Old3-4 Million Years Old
Fast but StupidSlow but Smart

Humans and Reptiles share the same Decision-Making-System in the Brain

The Old Brain – Reptilian Brain is the Real Decision Maker.

You Want to Sell with Words?

Selling with Words, Logic and Intellectual Concepts?
Then You Sell to the New Brain, Which Does Not Take the (initial) decision.

All very interesting, but do you have some examples?

Did you ever go to Starbucks?

The second time you go there, the staff will look at you like: glad to see you again, making eye contact. Eye contact is a very strong instinctive reaction. The staff will try to remember your name, and on your next visit, they will try to remember what you ordered the first time.

Without you realizing it, they have given your reptilian brain a massage. You feel important now right? They remembered your name! Your name is the most important word in the world for you!

Did you ever see Apple’s Glass House?

Apple does not communicate “the phone can do 200 things”. Instead, they communicate beauty, transparency and design.

Someone will buy an Apple product because it is beautiful. After the purchase, you will have 200 arguments to rationalize your emotional choice.

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